Smoking Electronic Cigarettes in South Africa

January 24th, 2012 | Posted by Smokee in Smokee Blog

Who knew that next to the united states South Africa does the most searches for Electronic Cigarettes?

Apparently many South Africans are increasing their health consciousness and health of their loved ones.  I invite these South African electronic cigarette smokers to come to Smokee and enjoy our reviews on the best electronic cigarettes on the web.  As I under stand South Africa has a few brands of their own that we may add to our site in time.  Should anyone come to the site from south Africa, please be sure to drop us a comment and let us know your favorite brands.

We  understand that given what the world now knows about the perils of tobacco use that anything that eliminates tobacco from the smoking equation is great.  Electronic Cigarettes look, taste and feels like a regular cigarette. However smokers can get their daily nicotine fix, without smoke, ash and harmful side-effects.

I assume that all people that smoke cigarettes enjoy the many favor an potency variations in the cartages. I look forward to comments from South African on what their preferences are so that we can compare them to the US based preferences.

I hope that this post is the first in a multi part series on the vaping habits of the South African people.

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7 Responses

  • Riaan says:

    I’m a South-African vaper since 2008. There was a short period when electronic cigarettes got lots of exposure and the response from the public was generally favorable. Unfortunately the future of vaping in South-Africa is very bleak. My opinion regarding this is due to a number of factors.

    Firstly, due to consumer ignorance, local vendors imported mostly Chinese made liquids (Dekang and other) then re branded the liquids and sold them for up to 1000% more than market value. The argument was that 10ml of juice equaled a carton of cigarettes, and by making the price of 10ml of juice about 10% less than cigarettes, consumers thought they were saving money. People quickly realized that you vape more than 10ml of juice in the time you would smoke 10 packs of cigarettes and the total cost became to prohibitive. These liquids were also of inferior quality compared to US made liquids.

    Secondly, the starter kits and general e-cig devices sold here where mostly of poor quality, with low battery life cigarette style kits being sold. Consumers also quickly grew tired of having to nurse the product by keeping lots of fresh batteries on hand. By the time the ego reached the market a lot of people gave up on the idea of vaping because it was more of a hassle.

    Thirdly, the biggest ‘brand’ vendors in South Africa clearly did not vape themselves, and approached the product from a smoking cessation angle, rather than a pleasurable long term alternative. This became obvious to me when a local vendor started to produce liquid locally but produced inferior and limited flavors and ridiculous prices. Compared to US run online vendors who vape themselves and developed their products based on actual taste testing and experience.

    Lastly, the nail in coffin so to speak, from the horses mouth,The Medicines Control Council of South Africa: “Nicotine substance is regarded a medicine in South Africa. A Schedule 3 status has been allocated to the substance when used for smoke sensation or the likes thereof. This implies that only a Medical Practitioner or a Pharmacist may sell the substance…” As from late 2011, early 2012, e-liquid consignments to South Africa have been seized by Customs. Only vendors who have a Import licence obtained from the MCC and a Registration certificate for a medicine (Pharmacist or Doctor) will be able to import liquids. This in my opinion is the worst problem. I’ve been able to enjoy my vaping habit by ordering all my supplies from US based vendors, paying less than the cheapest local vendor even-though my shipping costs easily come to $55 a pop. Now I won’t be able to import proper quality liquids due to the MCC.

    To long did not read: South African vendors jumped on the e-cigarette band wagon as gimmick to make a quick buck, charged ridiculous prices, sold inferior products and clearly were not avid vapers themselves. Local vapers that used to order their supplies from US Vendors will not be able to do so anymore due to The Medicines Control Council of South Africa regarding nicotine as a medicine and only medical practitioners with a MCC import permit can import e-liquid. But you can still buy nicotine on the street corner in the form of cigarettes.

    Natural law and common sense should dictate the use of nicotine, not dubious legislation that ultimately benefits tobacco companies.

    • ADV says:

      I agree totally with Riaan and that is why we started a company called Vape Africa in January this year! The local prices was just CRAZY and being a vaper for a year we saw the opportunity to start something new .

      Our aim is low prices and good quality all of the time!

  • Brittany says:

    Where can I purchase the Liquids in SA?

    • admin says:

      I am not sure, but the smoke juice seems to be popping up all over the place. Let me know if you find a good vendor!

    • Riaan says:

      Two online vendors that are decent are and
      If you don’t mind paying about 10% more order from and fedex it

      • Smokee says:

        Thanks for the info. Fedexing from the US only bumps up the shipping by 10%?

        • Riaan says:

          No, let me explain some prices. South African made liquid from Twisp costs around R130 per 10ml. Other local vendors like eciggies and vapeafrica charge between R45 – R60 per 10ml – these juices are imported from china and vary in quality. Madvapes’s Top-vapor line of juices, which are manufactured in the usa from natural organic flavours, works out to about R33 per 10ml. The Top-Vapor juices are far superior in quality and have a huge range of flavours. The prohibitive cost comes in when you use fedex to ship it locally (2-3 business days). So when buying the same amount of juice from the cheapest local vedor compared to the same quantity juice from madvapes the price is about 10% more due to poor Dollar/Rand exchange at the moment. I’ve had instances when the Rand was stronger where I paid up to 20% less than local vendors. It’s also wise to make a big order at a time (3 months supply at least) to make up on expensive shipping costs. Fedex also seems to go through customs faster where I’ve had juice confiscated by customs when doing normal US Airmail. The main point is not really price but quality – I get heartburn for instance when using some Chinese made juices compared to Madvapes juice with no side-effects. Your results may vary as people respond differently to juices.
          BTW, Madvapes does not pay me for my opinions, just been a loyal and happy customers for the past 3 years.

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