Are THC E-Cigs The Future?

November 11th, 2012 | Posted by Smokee in Smokee Blog

With the recent legalization of marijuana in the US states of Washington and Colorado I got to thinking of how this may impact the e-cig market in those states.  I am not a huge legalization advocate, but I don’t think that it is a terrible thing either.  At minimum it will take one thing out of organized crime and give the money back to the government.  In a worst case it will create an army of stoner zombies… but I don’t think that will happen.   With these states making pot legal, what would they say about a THC e-cig or vaporizer?

I did some Googling around and found that there are a fare number of people talking about putting together weed e-cigs themselves.  Now depending on where you live, this may be totally illegal, or for the residents of Washington state and Colorado, perfectly legal.  Think, maybe in a few years we may be talking about the “best pot electronic cigarette of 2015″. :)  It seems that people are putting marijuana in some kid of solvent like grain alcohol and then loading that into a cartridge like smoke juice.  While that technically sounds ok, the though of sucking down vaporized grain alcohol seems a little suspect to me.

In addition to the home brew guys, there is at least one brand pushing itself as an “herbal” e-cig.  These guys have a pretty funny site with attractive scientist women looking at test tubes and “doing science”.

Now THC, marijuana and burning cannabis aside, there may be something to vaping this over smoking it.  Because a rolled up piece of paper has no filter in it, smoking a pot cigarette is apparently much worse for you than a cigarette.  I am sure that the sites where pot is now legal will ultimately manufacture pot cigs with filters, but that still has lots of fun things that come with burning a leaf, buds, sticks or whatever your licensed pot vendor is giving you.  If the THC was extracted, would a user get the high that they are looking for without the carcinogens.

Or.. just make brownies and call it a day.

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